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An extensive buffet with a variety of local sweet and savory items is available every morning at the Murè. This includes hot brioches, freshly toasted whole wheat and white bread, jams, butter, cereals, fruit juices, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Homemade cakes produced from traditions handed down from our grandmothers', as well as maritozzi, Conero lavender cookies, custard, and other traditional and authentic regional delicacies seen on tables all across the Marche region.

Additionally, we have lactose-free and vegan cakes, and everyone on staff is glad to serve celiac clients and other dietary restrictions.

Don't forget to mention any dietary restrictions or special needs when making your reservation. Rest assured that starting in the morning, we will try our best to make your stay memorable.


Savor the dishes in Numana's restaurantsHere are our recommendations for the top restaurants and local hangouts in Numana and the Conero region. The Murè selection is as follows:

  • Where to eat in Numana?

    There are many hidden spots to eat in Numana.
    Everything from fast meals to the most sophisticated and exquisite eateries.


    Below is a list of some of our favorite locations close to the Murè.
    We recommend making reservations in advance, especially during the summer and high season.
    Book directly, or let us assist you in choosing the best restaurants.

  • fish

    Marta Street Food
    Fusion cuisine featuring a careful selection of regional ingredients, served in Numana's main square.
    Awesome cocktails
    Tel. 071 9330566

    Ricci Pescato & Fresco
    Fresh fish from the market, fried right at the counter. The fried fish from the Adriatic sea is a must-try.
    Tel. 071 9330145


    Hobo Wild Fire
    Burgers and gourmet meats from counter to table.
    Tel. 351 6464052

    Il Chiosco
    Hamburgers and "piadine" (thin flatbread) in Numana's most picturesque location.

    Delizie Marchigiane
    Quality, tradition and a careful selection of local products. Don't miss the stuffed Marche "crescia" (flatbread).
    Tel. 348 4279858

  • Trattoria

    Nonna Triestina
    Traditional seafood trattoria.
    Unmissable "tagliolini allo scoglio" (long thin noodles with shellfish)
    Tel. 071 9737058

    Il Conerello
    Trattoria serving local Marche meats on the tranquil Monte Conero.
    Tel. 071 9330736

    Rosso Conero
    Trattoria serving local Marche dishes with view on the coast.
    Tel. 071 9331289

    Il Galeone
    Historic Pizza Place and Restaurant at the end of Via Roma, in a panoramic position overlooking the sea, with fish and meat specialties.
    Tel. 071 9330445

  • Traditional restaurants

    Lo Scottadito
    Small seafood restaurant in the center of Numana.
    Tel. 340 8138110

    Giulia Mare
    Historic seafood restaurant near the marina.
    Unmissable seafood appetizer.
    Tel. 071 7360192

    Da Franca
    Terrace overlooking the sea at the foot of the ancient Tower of Numana. Seafood menu.
    Tel. 334 3866772

    30 Nodi
    Excellent fish and matching wines served on the beach.
    Tel. 071 9728413

    La Perla
    Elegant restaurant with terrace by the sea in Marcelli di Numana.
    Tel. 071 7390303

  • Gourmet restaurants.

    Da Vincenzo
    Candlelight Dinner. Daily catch, prawns, squid, and mussels. Traditional Numana recipes.
    Set menu
    Tel. 071 9330999

    Casa Rapisarda
    DIntimate setting, attentive service, and delicious seafood dishes by chef Alessandro along the historic La Costarella steps.
    2022 Michelin Guide
    Tel. 071 9696138

    La Torre
    Seafood restaurant with a seaside terrace. Beautiful views.
    The aperitif on the terrace is unmissable.
    Book your table via the app.

  • Agritourism

    Casa Rossi
    Steakhouse with panorama.
    Traditional Menu.
    Tel. 071 7391456

    Il Ritorno
    Farmhouse setting with a cozy, welcoming environment and regional cuisine.
    Outdoor dining in the garden, surrounded by hills and vineyards.
    2022 Michelin Guide.
    Tel. 071 9331544

  • Pizza Places

    Sotto La Rocca
    Gourmet Pizza Place near the harbor.
    Tel. 071 2148431

    Pizza Place and barbecue in the center of Numana.
    Tel. 350 0843633

    Da Luca
    Trattoria, deli and Pizza Place.
    Also take-out.
    Tel. 071 9330189

  • Gelateria

    Historic ice cream shop on the square in Numana.
    Make sure to try the coffee flavour.

  • Cocktails and aperitifs

    Petit cafè
    SSelection of the best local and international gins, gourmet aperitifs, panoramic terrace.
    Tel. 379 1693375

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